7 Ways We Celebrated Our 15th Year of Amplifying the Good!

This September, we celebrated our 15th year of Amplifying the Good and all the ways Greater Good Charities and our programs have mobilized in response to need. We celebrated throughout the month with several on-the-ground activities around the world!

Good Flights New Orleans → New Jersey 

Nearly 60 pups flew all the way from Louisiana to New Jersey as part of our special #15YearsofGGC flight. Flights like these are vital as many shelters continue to face an unprecedented crisis of too few resources and overpopulation of homeless animals in need.

Your support of our Good Flights program has given so many shelter pets the second chances they deserve, and now this flight of pups will have that second chance, too. 

Rescue Rebuild @ Acadiana Animal Aid

Our Rescue Rebuild team and volunteers went to Acadiana Animal Aid (AAA) in Louisiana to make improvements to the shelter and its facilities. These updates will enhance the quality of life for the shelter animals and increase their chances of being adopted!

The crew worked on exterior improvements, fencing, signage, cat rooms, a new catio, flooring, painting, and much more alongside local volunteers, helping AAA find so many more pets their perfect homes. 

Good Packs in Louisiana

That’s not all GGC did in Louisiana! Our Good Packs team hosted an event at The Outreach Center, located in the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana. The Outreach Center has been a Good Packs partner for two years and serves unhoused persons, victims of domestic violence, and struggling families in five Parishes in the region. We distributed Good Packs full of essential people and pet supplies!

Good Packs and Good Fix In Oahu

Over on the other side of the country, our Good Packs team was on-site at The Pantry by Feeding Hawaii Together on Oahu to distribute 1,000 Good Packs to people in need. 


Then our Good Fix team hosted a free 4-day clinic for owned and community cats. Hawaii has an ongoing problem with community cat overpopulation. Unsterilized community cats can negatively impact Hawaii’s unique wildlife and overburden animal shelters. At the clinic, we offered free spay/neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping. Thanks to your help, Good Fix safely spayed/neutered 1,768 cats!


Food Packs for Ukraine

Our Field Operations Coordinator Martyna Maciejewska distributed 1,000 boxes of food to Internally Displaced Persons in Vradiivka. Each box had enough food for 78 meals and will have a major impact for those who have taken refuge in this small village, mostly families comprised of women, children, and the elderly, as the men continue to fight on the frontlines.

Madrean Discovery Expedition to Sierra Murrieta

This special Madrean Discovery Expedition departed to the Sierra Murrieta in Sonora, Mexico, to study and document flora and fauna in the area. Expeditions to observe, study, and record a region's flora and fauna are the first steps in conservation. Without this critical set of information, a region’s plants and animals cannot be appropriately protected!

On this mission, the team extensively observed and studied recent new additions to the area. Our team was fascinated in particular with two species of Phrynosoma - baby Ditmars and Regal horned lizard, which have very different delivery cycles! This kind of research is not only fascinating but crucial to maintaining the ecological balance of the Sonoran Sky Islands. 



This work is only possible with your support. These past 15 years have been incredible, and we look forward to what we can do together for at least 15 more. Continue this work with us by becoming a recurring donor - Become a Protector! Protectors are our amazing community of monthly donors whose support sustains our programs and fuels our mission to protect people, pets, and the planet all year round.