Greater Good Charities Awards $10,000 and Four Pallets of Dog Food to Tennessee Wildfire Animal Rescue Partners


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Through your selfless donations to Help Animal Victims of the Tennessee Wildfires, has granted both monetary and product assistance to our partners on the ground. At the time of publication, we have awarded four pallets of dog food to Pets without Parents, who have taken in over 100 dogs displaced by the fires. We have also awarded a $10,000 grant to Sevier County Humane Society (SCHS). SCHS is the animal agency in charge of disaster relief in the area.


Donated pallets of dog food being loaded off the truck at Pets without Parents’ temporary disaster location in Sevierville, TN.

The $10,000 grant will be applied toward caring for animals injured in the fires by smoke inhalation and burns. Funds will also be applied to the overall cost of care for strays and animals now separated from their families. As a result of the fire, the SCHS shelter has heavy smoke damage and is currently unusable. For now, incoming strays and owned, displaced pets are being cared for by SCHS staff at a temporary shelter location. This shelter is fully staffed with skilled veterinarians who are providing much-needed treatment to these injured animals.


Many animals are receiving ongoing oxygen therapy for smoke inhalation by the good folks at Sevier County Humane Society.

Thank YOU for your generous support that made these grants possible! You have provided crucial assistance to these animals in a time of great need. If you would like to make further contributions, please click here.