A Pop of Color, A New Fence, and a Lot of Happy Dogs


Greater Good Charities' Rescue Rebuild program is a community-driven volunteer program that works to rebuild, repair, and renovate animal shelters and rescues in need. The program aims to improve the lives of shelter animals and has helped increase adoption rates by as much as 300%.


Rescue Rebuild visited the Nashville Humane Association (NHA) in Tenessee (one of their favorite states and home to two team members) to tackle some much-needed renovations.

Throughout the week, about 60 volunteers came out and joined the team. With this extra help, Rescue Rebuild was able to take on quite a few projects in just a couple of days. After all, for the volunteers working outdoors is much better than sitting at a desk.

First, the team put their paint brushes and rollers to good use for the indoors makeover! NHA has a few different adoption spaces including “real-life” rooms. The shelter reserves these spaces for dogs that do not do well in the kennel environment or have been waiting for a long time. Volunteers prepped and painted all of the trims and doors to these rooms. Nothing like a splash of color to really showcase a potential furry best friend!

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With the sun shining and spirits high, the team added an additional large outdoor kennel. The more outdoor kennels, the fewer dogs inside during the day!

NHA also had an existing play yard out back, but there was one problem. The picket fence was too low, and dogs were leaping over and running around the property. This limited the use of the play yard to small dogs on a leash only—definitely not an ideal situation. One of the Rescue Rebuild members hopped on a skid steer and got to work tearing out the old fence. Volunteers then put up the 6’ chainlink fence.

Now the staff and volunteers can let any dog loose in the play yard and truly use the space for what it’s supposed to be used for: letting dogs run!


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