Ricky’s Incredible Rescue

Greater Good Charities is responding to a critical medical emergency. Meet Ricky, a sweet puppy barely a year old, who is in urgent need of treatment.

Ricky’s Rescue

When a concerned community member saw Ricky’s distressing photos on Facebook, they were horrified. With a large wound visible on his back, it was clear he needed immediate medical care.
Determined to help, several people searched for him each day until he was located. However, by the time he was transported to the vet, the wound had worsened significantly.

VS-Photograph_20240213_EAM_TLOT_Ricky_002_©TheLeastofTheseAnimalRescue copyPhoto © The Least of These Animal Rescue

Despite enduring immense pain, Ricky displayed remarkable gentleness towards his rescuers. The initial assessment revealed a large chemical wound on his back, covering 22% of his body.

If it were not for the quick action of compassionate community members, Ricky would not have survived.

VS-Photograph_20240213_EAM_TLOT_Ricky_004_©TheLeastofTheseAnimalRescue copyPhoto © The Least of These Animal Rescue

Ricky's Journey to Healing

Ricky is receiving medical treatment but faces a long road to recovery. Your donation will provide critical treatment for pets like him in urgent need.  

VS-Photograph_20240213_EAM_TLOT_Ricky_001_©TheLeastofTheseAnimalRescue copyPhoto © The Least of These Animal Rescue

Your donations save lives. Will you rush aid today?