Ukraine Animal Relief: Adele’s Story

Impact of War on Animals in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has devastated not only millions of people but also millions of pets, including Adele.  

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When Ukrainians fled the bombing, many were forced to leave their pets behind because trains did not accept animals, and fleeing by vehicle was often not an option as bridges and roads had been destroyed. The animals that were abandoned no longer had a home or a family and were left to roam the streets, struggling to find food to survive.  

Many Ukrainians who stayed behind worked hard to provide shelter and food for these orphans of war, but the challenges have been mounting as they themselves are struggling to find shelter and food to survive the bone-chilling cold of winter. Additionally, the sterilization of pets was not widely practiced in Ukraine before the invasion, and with the population of stray pets increasing, the need for food has become even more dire.

Global Support for Animals in Ukraine

Greater Good Charities has been on the ground in Ukraine since 2022, working with multiple local organizations to provide food, shelter, and other essentials for people and pets. Donations from around the world have made this important work possible and continue to show the brave people of Ukraine they are not alone.  

Recently, Greater Good Charities partnered with Home of Rescued Animals to humanely reduce the overpopulation of stray animals through our Good Fix program. Each spayed or neutered animal was also vaccinated, treated for parasites, and microchipped. We also provided animal heaters to help keep these pets safe through the bitterly cold winter and treated puppies that were brought in from the frontline.

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Photo © Home of Rescued Animals

Helping Animals Affected by War: Adele’s Story

Adele came into our care after enduring prolonged abuse while on the streets. Despite her large size, she is incredibly gentle and could not defend herself against the aggression she faced. The relentless beatings took a toll, resulting in a severe eye infection and an overall frail condition. 

Upon learning of Adele's plight, we rushed to her location and brought her to safety. At first sight, it was painfully clear that she had been deprived of proper nutrition and care for a very long time. She was immediately transported to a veterinary clinic, where she was diagnosed with eyelid rotation and gastroenteritis. 

The generosity of our donors made her treatment possible, and with the right medications and a well-balanced diet, she began to show remarkable improvements daily. We diligently treated her while waiting for the infection to subside, allowing us to proceed with a safe surgical procedure. Following the eyelid surgery, Adele was neutered, treated for parasites, and given vaccinations and a microchip.  

Adele's journey is a testament to the life-changing impact of collective efforts and the difference that caring individuals and organizations can make in the lives of animals in need. Your unwavering support makes a world of difference for these innocent souls.

Help Animals Affected by War

Adele’s story is one of many we have personally experienced, and together, we can stand with animals in Ukraine to get them the safe shelter, veterinary care, and food they need to survive this harsh winter. Learn more about our Ukraine Disaster Response.

This holiday season, you can donate to provide Ukrainian animal relief during this frigid cold time.