Safe Haven: The Impact of Winter Relief Shelters for Homeless Pets in Ukraine

As temperatures plummeted in Ukraine this November, Greater Good Charities partnered with local shelters to provide relief for homeless animals. Our donors gave generously, allowing our partner, United for Animals, to winterize over 120 shelters for animals in a time of crisis.

VS-Photograph_20240117_DRI_Ukraine_UnitedforAnimals_003 copyPhoto © United for Animals

Constructing the Shelters

Every doghouse was designed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and stability. The project considered the animals' various sizes and needs, promoting their well-being and providing a refuge from adverse weather conditions.   

VS-Photograph_20240212_DRI_Ukraine_U-Hearts_005_©U-Hearts_GGC copyPhoto © U-Hearts / Greater Good Charities

Our goal was to create a refuge for homeless pets and set an example for other communities to take similar actions to protect and care for animals in need, including rescuing them from danger, feeding them, and pursuing much-needed adoption opportunities. 

The Best Friends Shelter

The Best Friends Animal Shelter, located in Fasova, was destroyed during the first months of the war. The shelter was hit seven times by aircraft and shelling. Their team relocated to save as many animals as possible.

VS-Photograph_20240109_DRI_Ukraine_Fasova_006_©UfA copyPhoto © United for Animals

Currently, the shelter is being rebuilt with the help of donations and assistance from various foundations. It is also receiving evacuated animals from active war zones. There are currently more than 650 dogs, 350 cats, horses, foxes, and a raccoon dog under their care.

Greater Good Charities assisted the shelter by sending brand new dog houses thanks to generous donations. This contribution was significant and made a difference in the lives of these animals.

The Happy Dog Shelter

The Happy Dog Shelter in Kropyvnytskyi is now more than just a haven for hundreds of stray animals. 

It has become a symbol of collective concern and support from volunteers. Thanks to the efforts of Greater Good Charities, we were able to gift the shelter brand-new, warm dog houses and a monthly supply of high-quality food for the stray dogs in the area. 

VS-Photograph_20240112_DRI_Ukraine_UnitedforAnimals_011_©UfA copyPhoto © United for Animals

These new dog houses were designed with the comfort and safety of the dogs in mind. They provide additional shelter to protect dogs from adverse weather conditions. In addition, the monthly supply of food ensures they receive proper nutrition.

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Photos © United for Animals

This significant step in expanding on-the-ground capabilities will create a compassionate environment where stray animals can find hope for a happy future. 

A Note of Gratitude

Here's a note received from United for Animals demonstrating the impact of Greater Good Charities' response, which was funded by donors and supporters like you. 

To the donors who made this grant possible, we express our deepest gratitude. Your generosity has not only improved the living conditions for these animals but has also brought joy and hope into their lives. Your compassion is crucial in making a positive difference, and we are incredibly thankful for your support in our mission to assist shelters and caregivers of homeless animals. 

Your outstanding generosity is not only an act of kindness but also a powerful statement about your commitment to animal welfare. It is inspiring for us to witness individuals like you who are willing to go above and beyond to make this world a better place for every living being. Your unwavering support motivates us to continue our relentless efforts in bringing about positive change.

This work is critical for Ukranian people and their animals in need. Sign up today for text updates about our ongoing disaster relief in Ukraine.

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