Whitey’s Story: How GOODS Program Helps Homeless Pets

Thanks to donations from supporters like you, Greater Good Charities' GOODS* program is able to keep beloved pets of people experiencing homelessness fed and supplied with treats and toys!

One amazing example of this impact was shared with us from Charleston, West Virginia. This is the story of how GOODS* helped to keep Dianne, Frank, and White Lightning (their beloved rescue dog) together during tough times.


Their Story

Dianne was a single lady living her best life in New York. After her mother and only living family member passed away, depression and loneliness sat in. She began to withdraw from her known friends and the life that she so proudly lived. She moved back to West Virginia with some new friends but was soon evicted and found herself in a strange place where she had no one but herself to depend on.

She entered a homeless shelter where she was scared and lonely. She began not eating and leaving the shelter before dawn and staying out until curfew. Her blood sugar and health deteriorated over the week. One day a big handsome hunk of a man came up behind her and said “Hello, I’m Frank and I am the cook here. I hear you haven’t been eating so let me feed you.” It was love.

Once settled into a new place together Dianne and Frank went to Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association and adopted a dog named Tank. They immediately took him out to Kanawha State Forest and a family was born. They said he zoomed around and around so fast they changed his name to White Lightning.

Unfortunately, Frank, a diabetic, lost his leg and their financial troubles began. They found themselves evicted with nowhere to lay their heads. Dianne, Frank, and White Lightning “Whitey” were living on the streets of Charleston, West Virginia for over two months.


How GOODS Helped

While Dianne and Frank had offers for someone to foster Whitey, they refused to leave him. Despite the fact that, without him, they would be allowed to sleep in one of several shelters. Even if it meant that they could shower, wash their clothes, and lay their heads on a pillow, they refused because life without Whitey was not an option.

When asked why, they simply say that he is their life and they can’t imagine a day without him. He is their companion, their child, their emotional support, and their link to a life they once had. 

Dianne and Whitey napping together

Your donations to GOODS* allow local non-profit organizations to provide pet essentials like food, treats, and toys for dogs like Whitey, which can make a big difference in their quality of life.

And good news — Dianne and Frank recently received a housing voucher and hopefully, they will have a roof over their heads soon! We’re thrilled about this positive development for this sweet family, but their story is just one of many.

It’s common for people experiencing homelessness to choose their pet companion over a spot in a shelter. Your donation to GOODS* provides pet food and supplies to homeless pets!

*Rescue Bank is now the Greater Good Charities GOODS program!