Gifts of Impact: Corporate Gifting Strategies that Support Causes

In the world of corporate gifting, there's a beautiful way to spread joy that goes beyond the traditional trinkets and gourmet baskets. Imagine a gift that not only lights up an employee's face but also brightens the lives of those in need. By partnering with us at Greater Good Charities, your corporate gifting strategies will make a real difference, one thoughtful donation at a time.

Empowering People, Enriching Lives:

Our commitment to people-focused programs means your corporate gifts can transform lives. Donations help provide humanitarian aid and assistance and relief to vulnerable populations around the world. By giving a thoughtful gift to an employee, vendor, or business partner you are empowering communities and creating opportunities where there were once barriers.

Veteran Receives Good Pack_ ©Greater Good Charities_Good Packs copy

Give Food and Comfort to Veterans Experiencing Homelessness

This winter, thousands of veterans, along with their pets, are at risk of being left out in the cold. Sadly, approximately 40,000 unhoused veterans and their animals lack the essential supplies needed for warmth and comfort. Just $25 provides a Good Pack containing essential items to a veteran and their pet experiencing homelessness. They fought for us, let’s fight for them.


Caring for Pets:

Pets are more than just companions; they're family. At Greater Good Charities, your corporate gifts can support animal shelters, fund medical treatments for pets in need, and aid adoption initiatives. Picture a wagging tail or a purring kitten, all because of your thoughtful gift. It’s not just a gesture; it's a lifeline for pets and the organizations that care for them.

20230213_dog_eating_from_bowl_2_©_Kershaw_County_Humane_Society_GOODS copy

Feed Pets in Need

Overcrowded shelters across the US need your help to care for the many cats and dogs in need. Donate now to help provide 3 million meals to hungry pets.


Preserving Our Precious Planet:

Environmental conservation lies at the core of our planet-focused programs. Your corporate gifts can fund bee projects, wildlife conservation efforts, and biodiversity initiatives. These donations play a pivotal role in preserving our natural habitats and combating climate change. By contributing to the planet, you're safeguarding the home we all share.

20230503_Beekeeper_w_bee_packs_©_Brotherhood_of_Ukrainian_Beekeepers_Ukraine_Crisis (1) copy

'Bee' a Hero and Feed a Hive of Honeybees

Bees around the globe are in peril, and we need your help to save them before it’s too late. These endangered creatures are vital to preserving our way of life. Just $30 can feed one hive! Together, we can save more bees and protect our planet.


Extending a Helping Hand in Times of Crisis:

Natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires and man-made disasters like war can strike unexpectedly, leaving communities in despair. Your corporate gifts directed towards disaster relief efforts provide immediate aid – food, shelter, medical assistance – to those affected. It's a beacon of hope amidst the chaos, showcasing the strength of human kindness.

20230217_GGC_Box_©Oro_Whitley_Ukraine_Response_Food_Boxes_and_Blankets_Distribution copy

Send a Winter Relief Kit to a Struggling Family in Ukraine

For many, the holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and family; for Ukrainians facing winter in a war-torn country, the holidays are a bitter reminder of all that they’ve lost. A $50 donation provides a Winter Relief Kit, packed with essentials like blankets, scarves, pet food, seasonal treats, and traditional meal staples to a struggling family, bringing warmth and hope during this holiday season.


In a world filled with material excess, the most valuable gifts are those that touch hearts and change lives. Your choice to donate on behalf of employees, vendors, or partners is a statement that kindness matters, and together, we can make a world of difference. 


Become a Protector with a Monthly Gift

Looking for a meaningful way to make a difference year-round? Become a protector! Your continuous support directly contributes to Greater Good Charities' vital programs for people, pets, and the planet, making a lasting impact. Join our dedicated group of Protectors today and help us create positive change month after month.


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