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Monday, June 14

Saving Lives with Good Flights: Hairy Pawter’s Story

We’ve partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health to treat pets like Hairy so they can receive the life-saving treatment they need to be happy and healthy in their new forever homes.

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Friday, June 11

Thank You For Protecting At-Risk Species with Project Peril

Donors like you have funded projects within Project Peril Fall 2020 program to protect and conserve these species in need.

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Wednesday, June 9

Protecting People and the Environment With Sustainable Cookstoves

Your donations allowed two Greater Good Charities partners in Guatemala and Uganda to distribute sustainable cookstoves to Maya families and educate them on their upkeep and environmental benefits.

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Monday, June 7

How Love the Sea is Cleaning the Plastic Pacific

Last year our partner, Love the Sea, removed marine and plastic debris from miles of the Hawaiian shoreline - all thanks to your contributions.

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Thursday, June 3

Reusable Period Pad Program Supports Educational Growth in Malawi

Thanks to your donations to the Tina Pads project, Malawian girls are on track for a better future.

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Saturday, May 29

Honor Those Who’ve Fallen By Helping Those Who Served

This Memorial Day, remember those who have fallen by helping those who have served. Help us meet our goal of $25,000 to provide an emergency distribution of Good Packs and Pup Pouches to unhoused Americans in the state of Hawaii, including veterans, children, and families in need.

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Monday, May 24

Thanks To You: 10,000 Good Packs Distributed to Homeless People and Their Pets

Greater Good Charities’ Good Packs program just reached a huge milestone—10,000 packs distributed to homeless Americans and their pets! These packs contain essentials like blankets, food, hygiene items, dog toys and treats, along with other goods to ensure comfort and survival.

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Thursday, May 20

You’re Changing the Fate of the Pangolins this Endangered Species Day

Today marks the 16th annual Endangered Species Day and we’re celebrating the completion of a new pangolin enclosure!

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Wednesday, May 19

Skout’s Honor Marks the Donation of 6.5 Million Meals Delivered Through Rescue Bank

Thanks to Skout’s Honor and its loyal customers, the brand recently reached a major milestone: the funding of the delivery of 6.5 million meals to shelter pets through Rescue Bank.

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Thursday, April 29

WATCH: Good Flights is Airborne with Lifesaving “Save a Heart” Mission

In honor of Heartworm Awareness Month, Greater Good Charities is proud to announce the liftoff of our new Good Flights program with our inaugural "Save a Heart" mission. Watch the journey here.

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