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Monday, March 29

Oregon Humane Continues to Spread GOOD!

Barry Manilow came to Oregon Humane as a rescue from a hoarding case. He suffered from extreme pododermatitis, commonly known as “pillow foot.” It was obvious he'd been living in unsanitary conditions because his paw pads were swollen, raw and bloody.

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Tuesday, March 16

Combined Effort Helps Save Texas Sea Turtles After Historic Cold Stun Event

In February 2021 a powerful winter storm swept through Texas, affecting humans and animals alike. Among those deeply impacted by the deep freeze were sea turtles. Read about the fight to save them here.

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Monday, March 8

Building a Brighter Future for Bees—and the Planet

Greater Good Charities and Borderlands Restoration Network recently worked together in Southern Arizona to restore important habitats for bees and other critical pollinators.

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Tuesday, March 2

Fighting Famine in Uganda with the Potato Vine

Despite Uganda producing more food than it consumes, Ugandans’ access to nutritious food is significantly limited due to poverty and a rapidly-growing population. In fact, nearly half of all Ugandans consume fewer calories than they need every day with one in three schoolchildren having no food to eat during the school day. With your help, Greater Good Charities was able to partner with the Reach Out Nkokonjeru Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative (RONHAI) to help farmers in Uganda plant sweet potato vines.

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Wednesday, February 24

From Freezing to Foster

The polar vortex that swept the coldest air in a decade across the United States didn't just pay a harsh visit to Texas. It also affected many other southern states, including Louisiana. This vortex, Snowvid-21, came through West Monroe, and with more severe weather on the way, Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter (OPAS) staff knew they needed their community to help care for their animals.

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Tuesday, February 23

Greater Good Charities’ Disaster Response to Deadly Winter Storms

Thanks to your generous gifts so far, Greater Good Charities has already distributed several emergency grants and is reviewing requests for additional support to be provided in the coming days.

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Tuesday, February 9

Shelter Bowl 2021: YOU are the Champion for Pets in Need!

For our 6th annual Shelter Bowl, shelter pets are the true winners because of supporters like YOU. We’re thrilled to announce that the final score came at $186,000 in cash donations from pet lovers across the U.S. This will help deliver much needed food to America’s shelter pets. Solid teamwork made this all pawssible. As part of its ongoing support of shelter pets, Purina generously matched donations to provide an additional $50,000 donation of its nutritious, science-backed pet food, bringing the total Shelter Bowl impact to more than 3.7 million meals for shelter pets across the U.S. most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tuesday, February 9

Feed Thy Neighbor: Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico

Greater Good Charities, The Hunger Site, 12 Tomatoes and renowned actor, Chris Pratt, partnered together last December to help fight the increase in hunger caused by the economic implications of the coronavirus. Their Feed Thy Neighbor campaign launched in mid-December, with Mr. Pratt hosting a New Year’s Eve event where he invited friends and colleagues to bring attention to the cause.

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Monday, February 1

Luna Lands on Her Feet

More people working from home during COVID-19 means more pets are being fostered or adopted. Read the story of Luna, one of the pets on board our Paws Across the Pacific rescue flight, who found her forever home in Idaho!

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Friday, January 22

WATCH: Good Packs Spreads Radical Hospitality with Organization of Hope

in December 2020, Greater Good Charities' Good Packs program and partnered with Organization of Hope and their Hope on Wheels mobile services unit to deliver radical hospitality to homeless Americans, veterans, children, and families in need in the Baltimore and Washington DC area.

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