10 Great Ways You Helped During Disasters in 2021

2021 has been a whirlwind of chaos, from COVID-19 to disaster after disaster. However, because of our phenomenal donors, we at Greater Good Charities, were able to be there when it mattered to support disaster survivors in many capacities. 


Dixie Fire

1) Grocery Cards/Good Packs: Dixie Fire started in Northern California back in August and ultimately destroyed over 1 million acres (larger than New York City for reference). This fire took land, homes, buildings, and lives but because of you, we were able to give back to the survivors. We supplied the Dixie Fire survivors with our Good Packs, backpacks with essentials, and grocery gift cards to help get them through that incredibly difficult time. 




2) Animal Care: The Dixie Fire left many animals without homes and in need of medical care. Greater Good Charities supplied northern California communities with a grant which ultimately provided vaccinations, burn treatment, pain control, anxiety-relief for scared and stressed animals, as well as general veterinary care.

Our partners at Sonoma CART utilized the vaccinations and medications provided immediately and consistently throughout their 26 days deployment in Plumas County. Additionally, they provided supplies and care for animals left behind in evacuated and burned areas. Sonoma CART also provided animal care and support to animals staying in human evacuation shelters with their people thanks to the supplies provided through Greater Good Charities.


Texas Freeze

3) Emergency Food Relief: With our partner 12 tomatoes, we helped over 90,000 people get access to safe food and water with Texas Food Pantries.


4) Care for animals in Louisiana: The Texas Deep Freeze was a part of the Polar vortex, which also affected southern states. In Louisiana, where they typically prepare their animal shelters for extreme heat, they were not ready for the below freezing temperatures. However, when Greater Good Charities sent out an emergency call, incredible fosters opened their homes to these animals in need.

5) Sea Turtle Rehabilitation: Not only were humans affected during the Texas Freeze, but so were millions of animals! Because of your donations, we helped rehabilitate over 2,200 cold stunned sea turtles with our partner Sea Turtle, Inc.


Haiti Earthquake

6) Food/ supply delivery: On August 14th an Earthquake hit Haiti causing mass destruction and lasting impacts. While the situation developed Greater Good Charities, with our partners, KORE Foundation, Those Angels, & Institut Edeline, supplied food to the survivors


7) Home build: On top of donating food, we also started a home build in Haiti with our partners — Those Angels and Haitian American Caucus. We hope to build between 12-15 homes, each housing 4-6 people providing Haitian families with security and hope.




Hurricane Ida

8) Operation Sunflower: When Hurricane Ida made landfall on August 26, many people were greatly affected but a lesser known consequence of Ida was the huge impact it had on animal shelters and rescues. However, due to our amazing supporters, we launched our Good Flights program. Our first mission, Operation Sunflower, flew animals out of the disaster zone into shelters, across the country, that could safely house them.

Operation Sunflower

9) Pet Food: The hurricane and its fallout have left local shelters in desperate need of basic necessities like food. To alleviate the increased strain on shelter resources, we loaded up a truck full of pet food from our Florida Rescue Bank Affiliate, transported it to our Good Flights plane, and flew it to animal welfare groups in Louisiana. 


December Tornadoes

10) Overnight on December 10 and 11th, 2021, at least 30 tornadoes struck 6 states: Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We responded immediately with needed emergency relief efforts, providing cash grants, medication, food, and more to vulnerable people and pets who needed it most. One recipient was Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter, which is a a pilot shelter partner of our Good Home program!

Greater Good Charities was able to help in many communities, during disaster season, because of you. We may not have been able to be together this year, due to COVID-19, but the world felt your impact from afar and we are so grateful for that and you. Thank you!