Keeping Shelter Staff Safe with Masks


As the Coronavirus continues to spread, masks have become essential to our safety. Anyone who cannot work from home, including animal shelter staff, must protect themselves and others by wearing masks. Greater Good Charities is working to provide disposable masks to shelters and rescues across the country, to ensure that staff and volunteers stay safe and healthy while helping pets in need.

Masks Make Adoptions Happen

Tilda and Whitney safe with masks
Tilda and Whitney

In Pennsylvania, Lycoming County SPCA received masks and is grateful for the added safety measure for the health of their staff, volunteers, foster parents, and the public. Pictured is Tilda with her adopter, Whitney. Tilda arrived at the shelter as a days-old orphan kitten. She went straight to a foster home where she could get the loving care she needed to thrive. Three months later, Tilda is happy, healthy, spayed, microchipped, and ready to head to her forever home.

Karmin and Katelynne safe with masks
Karmin and Katelynne

Then there’s 12-year-old Karmin. It is difficult for a pet accustomed to a family home to adjust to the noisy environment of a shelter. Staff members are sensitive to the elderly animals’ needs and often take them into their office for a quiet and restful change. But Karmin’s story has a happy ending. Within two months, Katelynne chose Karmin, wanting to give the elderly canine a new home.

One Pup’s Take on Masks

Houndhaven, Inc. in Florida also received masks. Staff said, “Our dogs are happy that the volunteers are staying healthy so that they can have the care they need! Capri is one of our newest residents, so she wanted to share her story with you:


“Thank you for giving our humans these masks. They look kind of funny on them, but we don’t say anything cuz we want food and belly rubs. My family got rid of me cuz I was old (I’m only ten!), so I know humans are touchy. Mama Linda told me this Covid thing is kind of like kennel cough in that it spreads real easily. Anyway, thanks again for keeping our humans safe. I don’t know where I would be without them. Love, Capri”

Thank YOU for keeping shelter staff safe by donating to provide masks! Donate today to provide emergency relief to animal shelters!

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