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Friday, October 19

Together We Can Save a Billion Florida Honey Bees From Starvation

After Hurricane Irma hit Florida in 2017, at least 75,000 of Florida’s 600,000 bee colonies were affected. Thousands of bees died of starvation, and their colonies collapsed. We’re working to ensure a tragedy like that doesn’t happen again.

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Thursday, August 30

Hurricane Harvey – Commemorating What We Lost and How We Are Recovering

By Denise Bash, Director of […]

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Tuesday, August 21

Powerful Hurricane Lane Encroaching Those Affected by the Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii

"With the lava flowing (just now paused) we really can see the far-reaching implications of what we have done. We are all stretched thin, everyone doing all they can for those in need. It is how we do it here on the Big Island. And in this program funded in part with the Greater Good donation, one that came in just in time, we managed to do a huge amount of good. We can now help with another round of rescues and support without jeopardizing those animals already in our care.

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Thursday, October 19

Rescuing Nelly from Hurricane Irma

When disaster hits, pets and stray animals are left especially vulnerable. Some run away, frightened by the chaos. Others are unfortunately left behind as their families evacuate or head to shelters and temporary housing with a No Pets policy. Hurricane Irma sent one little black and white kitten on a harrowing journey to her new beginning.

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Wednesday, October 4

Ginger’s Journey from Shelter to Service

Ginger was one of these evacuated dogs. Before Hurricane Harvey, she was in the care of a rescue organization in the Houston area. When the storm came, her shelter flooded, and Ginger and the other dogs transported to another organization for adoption.

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Thursday, September 28

A Dog Named Champ Benefits from the Generosity of Donors

Thanks to one amazing delivery driver and donors like you, Champ was saved from Hurricane Harvey and made an amazing recovery.

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Wednesday, August 16

Because of YOU, Hope for Migrating Hummingbirds and other Pollinators after Deadly Wildfire

In 2011, a wildfire destroyed critical habitat in southeast Arizona, home to 400 species of migrating and resident birds, two endangered nectar bats, over 250 butterflies, and thousands of moths, beetles and native bees. Now, there is hope.

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Monday, August 7

Red Paw Disaster Response – Assisting Displaced Pets and Their People

According to the United Staes […]

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Tuesday, June 13

Help Animals like Tarzan – Descendants of Chernobyl Disaster

Today, there are nearly 1,000 stray dogs and over 100 stray cats that live at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant or in the exclusion zone that surrounds it. Predators and other animals in the exclusion zone expose these animals to rabies. The dogs rely on the workers for food and care, but the first thing the dogs do when you feed them is breed.

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Wednesday, April 20

Help Earthquake Survivors in Ecuador

Ecuador was struck by a devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, April 16th. Just $5 helps fund humanitarian aid to help out in this devastating earthquake.

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