Stories of Good


A Healthier Earth through Education

Working in Eastern Africa, Wild Nature Institute seeks to address the climate and biodiversity crisis through education and collective actions within...


Earth Day 2021: A Reflection

This Earth Day, the world will come together to talk about our home, the home which nourishes, shelters, and sustains us.


Oregon Humane Continues to Spread GOOD!

Barry Manilow came to Oregon Humane as a rescue from a hoarding case. He suffered from extreme pododermatitis, commonly known as “pillow foot.” It...


Hope for Tasmanian Devils

Not all devils have horns. Some are actually straight up adorable. We’re talking about the Tasmanian devils, of course! Unfortunately, they are...


Pets Flown to Safety Just in Time

As Hurricane Laura approached the Gulf Coast, we knew we had to be there for shelter pets. With no owners to get them to safety, it was up to us and...


Rescue Rebuild Goes to West Virginia

Did you know that nearly 50% of pet-owning victims of domestic violence delay leaving their abuser because they are afraid to leave their pet behind,...


Pipsqueak the Bravest Mouse

When Hurricane Laura threatened the Gulf Coast, you gave such immediate support that we assembled emergency flights to evacuate pets out of harm’s...


Toys for Kids During COVID-19

The Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley takes pride in offering fun and engaging activities to help youth learn and grow, while also having fun.


Keeping Shelter Staff Safe with Masks

Greater Good Charities is working to provide disposable masks to shelters and rescues across the country, to ensure that staff and volunteers stay...

Rescue Bank

Newborn Pup Survives Against All Odds

Greater Good Charities has worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic to distribute grants to shelters in need across the country, to cover the costs...

Girls' Voices

Spreading Hope from Home

To help spread positivity during this crisis, we invited girls everywhere to participate in our “Spread Hope” challenge, asking them to answer “What...


Australian Wildlife on the Mend

Greater Good Charities is still working with partners on the ground to help Australian wildlife affected by the wildfires that ravaged the country.


Josie’s Escape

Abandoned with her four puppies, Josie needed to make a great escape!


Phoenix Residents Receive Good Packs

In an effort to continue delivering Good Packs for veterans and their pets across the country, we stopped by UMOM New Day Centers in Phoenix, Ariz.


2020s: The Decade of Hope

As this decade comes to an end, we’re looking toward the future with hope. While many species were added to endangered lists, many bounced back from...


Protecting the Sea Lions

Thanks to your support, Project Peril attended a training workshop to protect the sea lions in the northern Gulf.


World Elephant Day 2019

Did you know that only 40,000 Asian elephants remain worldwide? Help Project Peril save them!


Giving Back to Our Veterans

Over 450,000 US veterans are currently unemployed, while close to 40,00 veterans are currently homeless. Thanks to you, Greater Good Charities is...


No Paw Left Behind

Nearly 50% of pet-owning women delay leaving an abusive home because they are afraid for the lives of their pets.


Discovery Atop Sierra Chivato

The Madrean Discovery Expeditions team made their way to Sonora to explore the Sierra Chivato. A staff member tells us more.


One-way Ticket to Thailand

We went to Phuket, Thailand to rain-proof a shelter and help improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia!


Saving Mamas and their Babies

Greater Good Charities works with partners all over the country to place nursing moms and growing puppies and kittens in foster homes.


Hope After Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, and caused extensive damage to the entire island. Widespread power outages, food, and fuel...


Let the Dogs Stretch Their Legs!

Jersey City in December sounds like a fabulous idea, right? The good news is that the Rescue Rebuild team prepared for the worst weather possible.


Rescue Rebuilding After Hurricane Irma

Slowly but surely the Florida Keys are rebuilding one house, one building, and one shelter at a time and become even better than its former self.


Rescue Rebuild: A Learning Experience

We had to weld enormous cages for all kinds of wild animals ranging from raccoons to foxes to even eagles. It was an unusually hot August even for...


Svetlaya and Borya: A Tiger Love Story

In 2014, these childhood friends were released back into the wild – but into two separate provinces. Heartbroken, Borya set out to find Svetlaya...


Veterans Work to Save Coral Reefs

Help preserve precious coral reefs and rehabilitate returning combat veterans. One tank of air provides one hour of dive time for a veteran to...


Shelter Dogs Help Heal Veterans

Each year, a large number of United States soldiers return home with physical and emotional injuries, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)....


Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

Our team visited Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary to see the amazing work they are doing and check in on the elephant enclosure we funded this year...